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Baseball Phenoms

Baseball Nerd, it’s a blog authored by Keith Olbermann for MLB.com. Have you ever heard Keith talk about baseball? He’s a historian of the sport and his encyclopedic knowledge of baseball is frightening.

On Saturday, we saw the first start of 19-year-old Bryce Harper for the Washington Nationals. Keith put this into perspective by drawing similarities to another 19-year-old phenom, Mickey Mantle. Nobody is putting them in the same category just yet but Keith unearthed a fascinating link. Bryce’s first start came against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Similarly, Mantle’s first game came against the Dodgers but in 1951 they were still located in Brooklyn. And guess who was on hand to call each of these games. Vincent Edward Scully.

What a spectacular career Vin Scully has accomplished. Who would have thought 23-year-old Scully would announce Dodgers games in 2012? You should check out Keith’s full blog post as well as the update.


(Source: Sports Illustrated)