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The upstanding gentlemen at Uncrate tipped us off to this one. Check out hipster Darrelle Revis sitting court-side at Wednesday’s Knicks vs. Hornets game. I nominate Revis for the very first edition of C&H’s The Articles We Wear - similar to The Items We Carry.

I applaud Revis for his choice of sneakers, Air Jordan XI in cool grey. Although what I am really interested in is his shirt. Is that a Revis Island sweat shirt? It definitely looks like it could be. I did a few searches in Google but I couldn’t find anything. Revis is the owner of one of the few great nicknames currently in the NFL. He should definitely have a shirt with his moniker on it. I guess it’s the choice of athletic grey crew is what surprises me.

It should also be noted that his friend to the left looks like he’s wearing Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy. This recent Knicks resurgence has given MSG a breath of new life. I see an opportunity here. There should totally be a blog that details the celebrities sitting court-side. The idea is free, just send me a link when it’s out there.

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