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For today’s C&H Daily Tourney Photo we’re headed to the early 90’s. For the first time in twenty years we saw a repeat national champion in 1992. In the title game Duke knocked of Michigan (more on that later) to win their second consecutive national championship. The championship game had plenty of stars but the ‘92 tournament will always be remembered for the East regional final of Duke vs. Kentucky.

The game really didn’t get going until the signature moments occurred in the second half. With eight minutes to go Christian Laettner took a contested shot underneath the basket where he collided with Aminu Timberlake causing Aminu to fall into the paint. Leattner, with what can only be described as a terrible lapse in judgement, decides to step on him. It’s been referred to as a stomp but I’ve seen it, I don’t think that’s a stomp. He doesn’t look like he is trying to hurt him to me. He just looks like he is acting like a prima donna Duke player, right? It was a “I think I’m better than you move”. I’m in no way defending it - I just don’t want to get carried away.

As crazy as that scenario was it still doesn’t compare to the closing seconds of overtime. Yup, overtime. Coming out of a time out Duke was down 102-103 with 2.1 seconds left. Rick Patino left Grant Hill unguarded underneath his own basket. He heaved a pass the length of the court to Laettner who caught it right at the foul line. With his back to the basket Laettner dribbles once, fakes right, turns left and hits a jumper as time expires. It’s a fantastic sequence.

And Duke moved on to the final four. Victory.

(Source: Sports Illustrated)

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