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Pretty much everything Paul Lukas writes for Uni Watch is a can’t miss but I found his latest article, “The White Sox fan-fueled unis”, particularly interesting. In it Lukas covers the 1981 fan voted uniform makeover of the Chicago White Sox. It’s the kind of article that I wish I had the time and talent to write.

And that is how a 25-year-old who had no particular interest in the White Sox, and who’d never designed a uniform before, ended up creating one of the most iconic uniforms of the past generation. His name is Richard Launius, and this is his story. It’s also the story of a team’s playful, almost quaint approach to its visual design program — an approach that would never fly in today’s more corporate-style sports world.

It’s an entertaining and quick read. The idea that Chicago White Sox once wore jersey’s with open collars is unbelievable. And that they sometimes wore them with shorts pushes it over the top. If there weren’t photos you would have a tough time convincing me it was true.