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Ironically, this year’s Civil Rights game took place between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves. I say ironically because for years the Braves have been criticized for a logo and name that Native American groups have regarded as insulting. All politics aside it was a close and entertaining game. Dan Ugla pulled himself out of a slump by hitting an 8th inning homer that sent Doc Halladay to his second consecutive complete game loss.

All that’s fun but what I enjoyed most should come at no surprise — the uniforms. Both teams wore throwback uniforms from 1974 to celebrate Hank Aaron’s 715th homerun. The Phillies wore powdered blue uniforms and they looked pretty accurate to my novice eye.

However, it was the Atlanta’s uniforms that stole the show. I thought the Braves’ pullover jerseys were fantastic. Really, I’m not sure what I can find wrong with them. They look extremely close to what I consider some of Hank Aaron’s most iconic photos. And I absolutely love the feather logo on the sleeves, my favorite logo in the history of the Braves organization. Don’t sleep on the fine multi-color piping on the pants, they nailed it. Also, the lower case “a” hats look great but like Paul Lukas pointed out with the Phillies’ caps, the logo on the caps are probably too large. Yet that same logo seems perfect on the batting helmets which happen look especially pleasing. There is something about batting helmets with white fronts, they feel so familiar.

I have nothing against the current Braves’ uniform set, they are one of the best in the league, but if I had my way Atlanta would wear these all the time.

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