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He Ain’t No Miss

We’ve seen a few misses at the number one spot. He ain’t no miss.

—Mike Tomlin, after Sunday’s preseason game vs. Colts

Nothing Gold Can Stay

"I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback."
— Peyton Manning to the fans of Indianapolis

Four time league MVP, two Super Bowl appearances, a Super Bowl championship, a Super Bowl MVP award and a class act. This franchise has had the pleasure of watching Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning through the years. Andrew Luck has some gigantic black high-tops to fill.


Dirty Harry(son)

In all likelihood, we’ll never know what actually happened in Philadelphia with Marvin Harrison. Given the way he completely disappeared off the face of the earth I’m guessing there’s some credence to all the rumors. Until that day, let’s just enjoy Marvin Harrison’s upper lip that’s trimmed as neatly as his eye black.


Kind of a Big Deal

Marshall Faulk has been kind of a big deal his whole life. He chose to play for little known San Diego State because bigger schools wanted to convert him from a running back into other positions. It was a choice that obviously worked out for him. In his second game of his college career he rushed for 286 yards and seven touchdowns. Yes. Seven touchdowns. His freshman season he set an NCAA record 1,429 yards and 23 touchdowns.

In 1994 Faulk was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. Indy was a team in dire need of some rushing offense and Marshall was expected to step right in to correct this. The Colts knew it. Marshall knew it. Heck even Tony Siragusa knew it. Goose was so confident in Marshall’s ability that after the first game of the season he had Marshall take off his cleats and sign them.

On Saturday Marshall Faulk will enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame alongside a spectacular class of Richard Dent, Shannon Sharpe, Ed Sabol, Chris Hanburger, Les Richter and Deion Sanders.

(Source: Sports Illustrated)

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