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One-Two-Three Chuck!!

"And my vision
That I’m living
Is to see two more daughters
Getting married
Dance at their wedding
And then
hoist that Lombardi
Several times”
— Coach Chuck Pagano in a very emotional locker room speech.

Get well soon, Coach.

A Football Family

"Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. And by the way, don’t take any wooden nickels."

— Jack Harbaugh’s pep talk to sons Jim and John before dropping them off at school.


Guns and Hand Grenades

It’s a shame the young football fans of today probably think of Mike Ditka as the guy on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown who picks games with Keyshawn and Cris Carter. Ditka’s fiery coaching career had many YouTube worthy moments. Too bad the internet as it exists today wasn’t available during Mike Ditka’s coaching days.

"I think it’s silly to keep a camera on the coach, especially on this coach. It’s just plain silly. With some guys it’s probably OK, you just put people to sleep. But when you keep the camera on me, it makes guys want to go out and buy guns and hand grenades."

— Mike Ditka

A very happy Mustache Tuesday birthday to Mike Ditka.


(Source: Sports Illustrated)

How Many Teams Are There?

I continue to enjoy the quote machine that is Rex Ryan. Earlier in the week a beat writer asked Rex Ryan if he’s at all concerned that the Jets are so pass dominant.

"I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we have been behind. You know, in two of those contest. But again, we said we were going to throw the ball more this year. Would I like the number to be a little tighter? Of course. I think everybody would like to have a more balanced attack. But we’ve been effective throwing the football. When you look at the numbers, the one that’s scary is that we’re 31st in the league in run defense. I’m like, how many teams are there? A thousand? No, there’s 32. That number, that’s alarming to me."

Rex Ryan, the brilliant buffoon.

(Source: zimbio.com)

Bad News Bill

Tonight marks the thrilling finale of Bill Belichick: A Football Life on the NFL Network. I hope you had the opportunity to catch part one as it’s an excellent documentary. I know it sounds cliche but I got a glimpse of a side of Belichick that I didn’t think was there. I’m not even sure his wife knew it was there. I’m fascinated by Bill Belichick and this special has led me to seek out more information about his coaching career. If you’re at all interested you should read Peter King’s this Is The Way It’s Supposed To Be.

When he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in the spring of 1975, Belichick wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He thought working in virtually any capacity for the coaching staff of a college or professional team would be the best way to build his résumé for a full-time graduate assistant’s job in college football, which sounded like fun to him. So he wrote letters to 250 coaches. The Baltimore Colts hired him as a special assistant. He made $25 a week, and he hitched a ride to and from work with head coach Ted Marchibroda. Belichick’s duties included telling players who were about to be released that the coach wanted to see them in his office. On NFL teams that individual is known as the Turk, but Belichick inspired another nickname: Bad News Bill.

Bill Belichick was the Turk! Can you even imagine? Belichick knocks at your door at four in the morning telling you to grab your playbook and go see the coach. Ice in his veins from the jump. I knew there was a reasonable explanation for that stone cold exterior.


Do your job.

The NFL Network mic’ed up Bill Belichick for the entire 2009 season — on and off the field — and have turned it into a new two-part documentary series, Bill Belichick: A Football Life. Part one premieres tomorrow at 9PM ET and part two airs Thursday, September 22nd at 10PM ET.

Belichick. You’ve seen him coach for 37 NFL seasons. You’ve seen him record 177 career victories. You’ve seen him win 5 Super Bowl rings. But you’ve never seen him like this…


On this day 26 years ago Bob Knight cemented his legacy. He went on to coach another 23 years but when mentioning Bob Knight’s name you are usually referencing either this spectacle or the choking one. I was all set to write about the chair throwing incident but I waited too long. Earlier this morning Kristen crushed it with the full video. Even so, I’ll add my two cents.

I’d like to file this under “Can you imagine if this happened today?” It would be unbelievable news. Better yet, can you imagine being referee Fred Jaspers? The General is on the war path and he’s going to take it out on you. Frightening.

Knight was hit with a total of three technical fouls and ejected from the game. According to IU lore this all came about because Knight did not have his trademark red plaid sports coat. When his emotions started to bubble he wanted to tear off his jacket. But he wasn’t wearing a jacket. So instead he threw the chair. Now it all makes sense, right?

Knight was a different breed of coach. One that you would never see in today’s college hoops. He could turn on the charm as fast as he could summon the fire and brimstone. Love him or hate - he was one of a kind.

I would encourage you to read In the Heat of the Knight from the SI Vault. It’s an article that appeared in Sports Illustrated only two weeks before the chair throwing game. You’ll see that this particular incident was part a pattern of questionable behavior by coach Bob Knight. He was already getting heat for slapping Kentucky’s head coach, benching nearly all of his upperclassman, and making certain players fly home on a separate plane.

Can you imagine if this happened today?

Sports Illustrated has published a photo gallery of what NBA coaches wore in the 70s. More, please. We here at C&H demand it.

After sixteen years the Tennessee Titans decided to part ways with head coach Jeff Fisher. If you ask me Jeff Fisher is the Tennessee Titans. He’s been with them since they were the much better named Oilers. It’s true the new face of the franchise is Chris Johnson but since I’ve been paying attention to football Fisher’s been with the Houston/Tennesee organization. Players changed from year to year but the Fisher always remained.

Jeff Fisher will find another opportunity, I’m certain of it. Even if he pulls a Shanahan and walks away for a year. He’s a defensive minded coach that got his first shot in the a NFL under Buddy Ryan. He was a defensive assistant on the famed ‘85 Bears and has found success ever since.

(Source: Sports Illustrated)

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