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“Every memory I have from when I was a kid involves basketball.”
— Kevin Durant

It’s cliche but this kid eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. It’s good to see KD and crew get their gold.

(Source: zimbio.com)

Basketball Elite

It’s finally here, the NBA playoffs. Seems funny to say “finally” after a lockout shortened season but these past few weeks of the regular season seemed to drag a bit. But now we’re onto the second season and to celebrate Nike is rollong out a special line of elite footwear. Nike always sweats the details and this is no exception.

Home and Away colors are the inspiration for the elegant white and black base of the shoes; as the trophy is the inspiration behind the gold details spread throughout the series. Each style of the Nike Basketball Elite Series worn on court will initially display a Swoosh design in team colors. As the playoffs evolve, Nike will replace the team-colored Swoosh with a gold one for the Finals.

We are so ready for the playoffs.


Red Sweat

If you loved the Nike Football illustrations from last week, then just sit back and feast your eyeballs on some more illo-goodness from my new favorite Polish designer, Krzysztof Domaradzki.

A series of self-initiated sport portraits inspired by a quote from [MMA fighter] Enson Inoue: “Blood is just red sweat.


155th Street, Harlem

Kevin Durant’s 66 point game at Rucker Park is old news. What’s new to me is the fact that Nike is branding it.

Perk’s First Post-Season Smile

A dunk so fierce, even Perk couldn’t contain himself.

Westbrook, Durant & the Thunder

Bethlehem Shoals examines the Westbrook/Durant/Thunder dynamic in great detail for GQ. If, like me, you got completely sucked into last night’s OKC drama, this is an absolute must-read.

Durant spreads love. Westbrook, just doing his thing, tried their patience, pulled them back in, and finally, left them resentful. The team has never been known for its ball movement, a problem that doesn’t simply trace back to Westbrook. But for once, they felt fundamentally uncomfortable with Westbrook’s presence. Durant is reassuring, calm. Westbrook causes aneurysms on the spot. It’s not his behavior, or performance that threatens the Thunder—it’s what he stands for as a basketball player.

And the man-crush continues: I will drop everything I’m doing to read anything Bethlehem writes or tweets.

(Source: bethlehemshoals)

2007 Draft Class

Remember the 2007 NBA draft class? Portland grabbed Josh McRoberts with the 37th pick and Taureen Green with the 52nd. Green may or may not be floating around Spain looking for a place to play and McRoberts just put in some meaningful playoff minutes for the Pacers.

What about Seattle (God rest her soul) orchestrating the draft day Ray Allen trade that allowed them to pair Jeff Green with Kevin Durant. And then there’s Oden’s BFF Mike Conley Jr. who’s been a much better player than I ever expected. He might be worth that $45 million contract extension after all.

(Source: nba.com)

Stumbled onto this superb Kevin Durant illustration.

KD is a hardwood killer.  Thunder up.

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