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A Boy Named Bo

Ever wonder where Vincent Edward Jackson’s nickname of Bo came from?

"He was merciless; he flung rocks and crab apples and punches with equal accuracy, and at one point, in the midst of a fight over a Ping-Pong paddle, he hit one of his female cousins with a baseball bat and said he would have hit her again if his siblings hadn’t stepped in. He’d steal a bike, strip it, toss it into a fire to burn the paint off, spray-paint it, and that same afternoon, ride down the street past the house he’d stolen it from."

“Because of his ability to withstand punches to his chest from his older brothers and sisters, because he wrestled children twice his age and ducked no fight and reveled in his own stubbornness, he had been given a nickname, truncated from Southern shorthand for a wild boar. In time, Bo-Hog became Bo.”

— Michael Weinreb, Bigger Than the Game


Always a Raider

We don’t take what the defense gives us; we take whatever the hell we want. You don’t adjust. You just dominate.

Al Davis, 1929—2011

The 2011 C&H Eliminator Challenge

While cramming in your remaining fantasy football drafts take a few minutes to join Chitwood & Hobbs’ free Eliminator Challenge League. If you are unfamiliar with the eliminator league the concept it’s pretty simple to grasp, just pick one NFL team to win each week. No spreads, just the accurate prediction of a straight up “W” is all we’re looking for. The catch is that you can only pick each team once. So if you like Al Davis’ Raiders to beat Elway’s Bronco’s week one you won’t be to re-pick the the Raiders for the rest of the challenge. It’s that easy, compile the longest streak of victories you can and just win, baby.

As always, a few ground rules:

1. Only one entry per person. We’re not going to validate this one but we’d like it to be fair. So scout’s honor.

2. The name of your entry should be your twitter handle (ie. @simmy, @nhall). This will keep it community oriented and bring the smack talk/banter off ESPN’s jank message board and onto twitter. We’ll also provide updates and announce the winner on twitter.

Our amigos over at Infojocks Sports Graphics are teaming up with us again. I’m overjoyed to announce Infojocks will be awarding the last man standing with a $50.00 gift certificate. But wait, there’s more. They’re willing to kick it up a notch and give a consolation prize to all who enter. We’ll provide more information about that once everyone signs up.

To make sure we keep this specific to C&H readers we have created a private league. The password you need to join is black-hole. So sign up on ESPN and follow us on twitter, @chitwoodhobbs.

Remember, week one starts this Thursday night with the Saints at Packers.

The Dark Lords


The Dark Lord meets the Dark Lord.

(via nfloffseason)

If they ever need to recast Voldemort, I hear Al Davis isn’t too busy.

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