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Quartherbacks thould wear drethes.
— Jack Lambert 

Throwing Back

When Nike unveiled the new NFL uniforms two weeks ago they stayed mostly the same. The Seattle Seahawks made some drastic changes but they were an outlier. That is with one caveat. None of the alternate uniform designs were on display, we only saw the non-white jersey and coordinated pants (except for the Cowboys). Yesterday we got our first look at one of the new alternates. It’s hard to imagine being indecided here. You’re either going to love it or hate it.

To recognize the Pittsburgh’s 80th season they unveiled this new bumble bee outfit. The look is modeled after the 1934 prison yard look. Striking and loud.

“We wanted to use a jersey that we wore early in our history as we celebrate our 80th season. We have never used those jerseys since the 1934 season and I think our fans will be excited to see our players wear them in action this year.”
— Art Rooney II, Steelers’ President

I’m shocked. The Pittsburgh Steelers? The most storied franchise in the league. The no nonsense blue-collar Steelers are going with these alternate designs? A fantastically rich 80-year history and these are the throwbacks. Again, I gotta go back to being shocked.

To be fair, I have seen still images on mannequin and one player. Maybe they’ll look great on TV. All those players and all those stripes might be majestic, like a herd of zebras. It’s just hard to picture. I imagine it will look like they are all in khaki dress pants. What I really can’t get over is the helmet that Issac Redman posed with. All those details on the uniform and they are going with the current helmet? That can’t be accurate, they have to be going with an all black version.

It’s not all bad. The Steelers are going out on a limb and taking a chance, I respect that. And I really enjoy the socks.


I’m livin’ in the 21st century
Doin’ something mean to it
Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it
Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it
I guess every superhero need his theme music
— Kanye West

No one coach should have all that swagger.

If you cheer for the black and gold and want to show up at your Super Bowl party with a better getup than all your friends, go check out HOMAGE’s Pittsburgh City of Champions collection.

"Pittsburgh isn’t fancy, but it is real. It’s a working town and money doesn’t come easy. I feel as much a part of this city as the cobblestone streets and the steel mills, people in this town expect an honest day’s work, and I’ve it to them for a long, long time."

— Willie Stargell

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the model NFL franchise. They’ve made seven Super Bowl appearances and have won six of those. Tonight’s win over the Jets will give them their third trip to the Super Bowl in the last decade.

It all comes down from the top. The organization is rock solid. The Rooney family has owned the team since the franchise’s inception in 1933. It has been passed down from father to son. Since the AFL/NFL merger the Steelers have only had three head coaches (Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin). Only three.

The Steelers know how to make decisions and don’t waste any time doing so. The perfect team for this no-nonsense blue collar city. When was the last time you saw them in a rebuilding mode?

(Source: Sports Illustrated)

You know how Simmy feels about Rex Ryan? That’s the way I feel about Mike Tomlin. Well, besides the whole buffoon thing. Tomlin, only in his fourth year as the Steeler’s head coach, is already gunning for his second Super Bowl ring. His players love him, the league loves him, and I love him. I’m a die hard Ravens fan. It’s sickening.

The bromance stems from Tomlin’s cool attitude. In interviews he is always in control, confident, and classy. The highs never get him too excited and the lows never get him flustered. The team is always doing just fine and looking towards the next opponent. He’s all business. Like a boss.

Yesterday, Tomlin further cemented his cool during a Steeler’s press conference. A few hours before last week’s divisional round playoff game ESPN’s Bob Holtzman reported that the Steelers had a trick play they were looking to run. Letting this news out before kickoff understandably rubbed Tomlin the wrong way. Wednesday was the first time the two have since crossed paths and Tomlin used it to take a shot.

Bob Holtzman: “How much time and preparation does it take to prepare for a Rex Ryan defense?”
Mike Tomlin: “It depends on whether you give him my plays, you know?”

Holtzman didn’t have anything else to say. Tomlin is so cool I can barely stand it.

31 years ago today, the Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XIV against the Los Angeles Rams. Despite tossing 3 INTs, Terry Bradshaw led the black and gold to a 4th quarter comeback on his way to being named the game’s MVP.

The city of Pittsburgh celebrated its 3rd major professional championship in 13 months with the Steelers winning back-to-back titles and the Pirates winning the World Series in between. 10 days after Super Bowl XIV, the city’s NHL team, the Penguins, changed its uniform colors to match the black and gold scheme of the Pirates and Steelers.

Brett Kiesel’s beard is truly majestic. It has its own Facebook page.

It’s not on the same level as Peyton vs. Brady but Polamalu vs. Reed is worthy of it’s own discussion. Two veteran safeties that play the game completely different.

Troy, being a strong safety, plays closer to the line of scrimmage while Ed Reed is much more of a “center fielder”. Both have their fair share of interceptions but there’s no question who is more dangerous with the ball. Ed turns into a wide receiver with juking abilities as soon as he catches the ball. He’s totaled more than 1400 interception return yards. On the flip side Troy hits harder (Ed’s neck injury has forced him to dial it back) and is much better at getting to the quarterback. Troy’s timing is impeccable, have you ever seen someone time the snap count like him? Troy has two Super Bowl rings and he terrifies me.

The bottom line is these are two annual Pro-Bowlers who should be a lock for the Hall of Fame. Lucky for us we get another rematch between the two tomorrow.

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