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Sammy the Tortoise

As the legend goes Colin Kaepernick got a pet tortoise when he was ten years-old. At that time, Sammy the tortoise, was so tiny he could fit in the palm of Kap’s hand. These days, Sammy is a little larger.

And it continues. Is there anything not to like about this kid?

There Will Be No Three-Peat

When the Giants travel to Candlestick Park this Sunday they’ll renew a playoff rivalry that hasn’t seen postseason action since 2003. The Giants and 49ers have combined for several memorable battles throughout the years. One that probably still stings is the 1990 NFC Championship game.

The 1990 49ers were coming off of their second straight Super Bowl victory. The Giants brought their ferocious defense to Joe Montana and his prolific offense. With nine minutes left in the fourth quarter the Niners were up and Montana faced a 3rd and 10. He scrambled out of the pocket to avoid pressure and waited for a man to get open down field. What he didn’t realize is that a defensive end had gotten back up after falling to the ground and was now closing in — Leonard Marshall drove his body into the unsuspecting quarterback.

Joe Montana says it was the hardest hit he ever took. Not surprising. The hit left him with a bruised sternum, bruised stomach, cracked ribs and a broken hand. Steve Young took his place and the Niners lost on a last second field goal. Pat Summerall had the call, “And the kick… is good… there will be no three-peat.” Even if the Niners had won the game Montana would have never been able to play in the Super Bowl. The Leonard Marshall hit caused Montana to miss all of the following season and most of the season after that. In fact, he would never start another games for the San Fransisco 49ers.


If you’re not wrapped up in this Niners team well then… you’re probably living on the east coast. When is this team going to get a prime time game already? Oh right, Thursday night is the Harbaugh Bowl which is sure to be a good time. Jim Harbaugh has taken basically the same 6-10 49ers of a year ago and have them playing quality team football. They have the opportunity lock up the NFC West before the month of November ends and he’s done all this without any locker room pants droppings at halftime.

This Niners team is a team. It’s a weird sentence but it’s true. They are the opposite of what Philadelphia was at the beginning of the season (sorry Eagles fans). Everything is about the team, then it’s about the team and then it’s about the team. It’s like they are all college friends — that defense is fraternity. And it’s all thanks to the new man in charge. Just look at the team’s rallying cry, it’s an old family saying Harbaugh brought with him to San Francisco. When Jim was a child his father, Jack Harbaugh, would ask the kids “Who’s got it better than us?” They would all answer in unison “Nooo-body!”

It’s high time we got into the Super Bowl Spirit here at Chitwood & Hobbs. Take a look at this gem from Super Bowl XXIV, the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Denver Broncos. I implore you to watch until the sponsors at the end.

It’s amazing to watch this video with the benefit of hindsight. San Francisco was highly favored in this game (SF -12). The 49ers had the opportunity to win their second consecutive Super Bowl. The Broncos had just finished playing the Browns in the AFC CHampionship game. This was the third time in the last four years these teams had met there. “The Drive” and the “The Fumble” being the previous two games. In the AFC Championship game Elway played what is arguably the best game of his career; 385 passing yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. John Elway was as popular as Elvis, just look at him in those shades.

It didn’t matter, San Francisco blew out Denver. The 49ers won 55-10 in the most lopsided Super Bowl to date. Joe Montana threw for 297 yards, five touchdowns and an MVP trophy. Jerry Rice set a Super Bowl record with three receiving touchdowns. The lone Denver score was a three yard run by Elway.

Those two injuries they mentioned took a toll on the Broncos. Bobby Humphry managed 12 rushes for 61 yards with his two cracked ribs. Not a bad average. Clarence Key only had one reception for six yards.

Perhaps the most somber note about this video is that it marked the last Super Bowl that Brent Musburger would host. He was fired that following Spring.

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